Day 7

Day Seven: Saturday
Luke 22:31-34, 45-46, 54-62; Luke 24:12; John 21:15-19

Over the course of this week, we have followed the steps that led Jesus to the cross and commemorated his last days on earth. What a powerful journey we have taken so far! But the journey is not over. Easter morning has not yet arrived. Jesus is still in the tomb. Today is perhaps one of the most difficult days because we are so close to victory and resurrection, yet all we can do is wait.

Just imagine what it must have felt like to be Peter on this day. On his last day with the person he had devoted his life to following, he had failed to stay awake and pray with Jesus and had broken his promise to remain loyal to Jesus unto death three different times. Now he must be struck with incredible grief and guilt at his actions thinking he would never be able to make-up for them.

Maybe you have experienced what Peter must have felt. Maybe even today you feel deep regret and remorse over your past actions. Maybe you feel that what you have done is unforgiveable and you will never be able to make-up for it.

Just as there was good news for Peter, there is good news for you. That good news is that Jesus has already taken your guilt upon himself and died in your place. You are already forgiven. All you have to do is ask.

The next day, when Peter hears that the tomb is empty he does not wait for Jesus to come to him, he runs straight to the tomb looking to find Jesus. When Peter finally has time alone with the risen Christ, Jesus offers him three chances to right his wrong. Jesus wants Peter to know that he is loved and forgiven and that he still has a place in the kingdom of God, and the same is true for you.

Activity: Read the biblical account of Peter’s last interactions with Jesus. What do you feel discounts you from being a full member of the kingdom of God? Is it something from your past? A flaw or imperfection? Know today that Jesus already paid the price for your failures and mistakes and that his perfection covers our imperfection. Pray a prayer of faith today, confessing your failures and imperfections and accepting Christ into your heart. Ask God for a refreshing of your faith and thank Him for all He has done for us.