Day 3

Day Three: Tuesday
Mark 12:38-44

During the week leading up to his death, Jesus was very busy. He spent time teaching his followers and debating with religious leaders. At one point, Jesus begins to watch the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. He sees all the rich people putting in large sums of money. Then, a poor widow comes along placing but a couple small coins into the treasury. Jesus praises the widow because though she had technically given less than the others, her sacrifice cost her more than theirs did.
How do you think she might have felt giving up all she had to live on? Would it have been easy for her to do? What could have possibly motivated her to take such a course of action?

Though the Scripture does not directly tell us the answers to these questions, Jesus would have known them. Given that just before this story, Jesus calls out the religious leaders for making haughty displays of their acts of righteousness, it seems likely that Jesus knew that the rich who had placed their money in the treasury had not done so for the right reasons. They had likely done so either because it was required, or to make a show of their righteousness.

Jesus knew that the widows’ sacrifice was different. This woman was likely motivated to give all she had to live on not because she was trying to be right by the law, but because she loved God and trusted Him to take care of her needs. She ultimately sacrificed more than her money. She sacrificed her control—her ability to provide for herself. She was willing to give everything to God, trusting that he was in control. Can we say the same? Perhaps in this current season, where there is so much that is out of our hands, we can find freedom in knowing that the situation is not ours to control but God’s because He is God and we are not.

Activity: Read the biblical account of this story, then ask yourself what you have been holding back from God. What have you been trying to control? What area of your life might you need to trust God with more? Pray and offer up these specific parts of your life to God. Ask Him to help you trust Him more. Thank Him for all He has done for you and all He will do for you in the future.