Day 1

Day One: Sunday
Luke 19:28-44

On Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, the church around the world commemorates Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. Though Jesus rode into Jerusalem humbly on a borrowed donkey, he was celebrated as a hero. People lined the streets, throwing their coats on the ground in front of him, waving palm branches, and shouting, “Hosanna!” It was the ancient equivalent of a parade honoring the home team after a national championship win.

It is astonishing to think that in less than a week, Jesus’ popularity would all but vanish, and the very people who were shouting, “Hosanna!” would then be shouting, “Crucify him!” In less than a week, Jesus went from being treated as a hero to be treating as a criminal, and, though Jesus knew it was coming, the men and women who were his closest followers were taken completely by surprise. They did not see it coming at all.

So often in life it is the same for us. Everything seems to be going great one day, but before we know it, everything changes. Perhaps that is where you are now. Everything seemed to be going great, but then, seemingly out of nowhere, everything changed because of the Coronavirus. Now you are worried about your finances, your health, the health of the people you love, and you feel helpless, like you want to do something but there is nothing you can do.

As we commemorate Palm Sunday during this turbulent time, just remember, Jesus knows what it feels like to have life shift quickly—to have everything going great, but then have everything change for the worse in less than a week. He knows your pain, and he is with you in this current season. And, this is not the end. God will have the last word. Easter will come.

Activity:  Read the Biblical account of Jesus’ triumphal entry. Put yourself there, standing on the side of the road. Notice how Jesus weeps while the crowd rejoices. Jesus knows what the future holds both for him and for this city. He knows difficult times are ahead, but he knows God will have the victory in the end. Pray and bring all your worries and anxieties to the Lord. Then, end your prayer with praise and thanksgiving, knowing that the victory is already His.